Episode 033 – The First 90 Days of your Podcast Production Biz ft. Isaac Smith

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What We’re Talking About:

Podcast Production School Alumni, Isaac Smith shares his transition from radio into podcasting for fun and then for profit.

Learn about how Isaac became almost fully booked in his first 90 days as an independent podcast producer and his tips for the early stages of your journey. 

After spending a couple years learning the ropes, he decided to become a professional producer and now almost has a full time income from it thanks to the business model provided by PPS.

Isaac is the host of the Business RPG, a business podcast for nerds that still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

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Learn more about Isaac:

Email: sir.isaac.smith@gmail.com 

Linkedin: Isaac Smith

Follow him on Instagram, @BusinessRPG

Listen to Business RPG on Apple Podcasts.

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