Master the skills + strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small businesses.
What is a Podcast Producer and who needs one?

Love working with business owners and want to offer technical, administrative or marketing support to podcast owners remotely.

Understand the value that podcasting brings to their business but feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks required to publish and promote each episode.

Are businesses actually hiring Podcast Producers?

You bet! There are already over 1,000,000 live podcasts to-date. Because of the many benefits businesses and brands get from podcasting, those numbers keep rising! Folks that already have shows often need someone else to manage things. And there are tons more businesses and brands that aren’t currently using audio but really want to be. In either scenario a Podcast Producer can help – they can step in and take over, improve a client’s existing show or help them to start a new one from scratch.
"I was fortunate to already have a client that I had been working with, helping him to create content through blogs, video scripts, and some additional VA work. In the time we had been working together, he had come to trust my opinions and direction, so I pitched the idea of branching out into the world of podcasting—and keeping the timeline transparent, I pitched the idea BEFORE I purchased the course...

He agreed that it sounded like a good idea and so I bought it and set to work right away learning the material. We decided that—come hell or high water—we were going to launch a podcast in mid-January 2020.

Since I help him produce two podcasts/month and I have my hands in every step of the way, I probably put in about 10 hours a month. So I earned back my course cost in less than two months.

The course and community are great – I continue to confidently pitch podcast clients that I learn about here and have been talking to more of my current clients about starting a podcast too!"
Michelle Wells
Podcast Producer

When you become a Podcast Producer, you’ll…

  • Help business owners utilize a popular and in-demand medium to spread the word about their offerings, expertise, brand, products, etc.
  • Contribute significantly to your family’s monthly budget – or at least finally provide those “extras” you’ve been dreaming about (Disney anyone?).
  • Gain flexibility in your day. You get to choose when and where you work on your business.
  • Get a chance to learn new (and highly-valued) skills that can be applied to far more than just podcasting!
Do you LOVE the idea of being a Podcast Producer but worry about:
  • What services you can actually offer
  • How much you should charge
  • Packaging your services correctly
  • Learning all the technical details of audio editing and production
  • Exactly how to maximize each episode through content repurposing
  • Pitching prospects and landing them as clients
  • Wowing your clients and ensuring they're happy with your services, so you can get referred as a result!

You can stop worrying, you’re in the right place!

Podcast Production School will teach you everything you need to know to help business owners launch, manage and grow a successful podcast. 🙌

"I just completed the Podcast Production School course and I loved it! The course covered all aspects of starting, editing, and producing a successful podcast. I’m excited to start helping people with their podcasts and learning even more, while serving my clients in this growing medium."
Christine Wlazlowski
Podcast Producer
"I've been looking into offering services online for a long time. I'm so glad I signed up for this course and the community! In fact I just signed my first client from a lead that was provided in the community. Supporting other podcasts with the skills I have now is perfect for me. Super stoked to continue on this journey!"
Bretagne Hatle
Podcast Producer
Here’s what we’ll cover in the course:
  • An Overview of Podcasting
  • Understanding the Types and Parts of a Podcast
  • Podcast Process and Workflow
  • Services You Can Offer as a Podcast Producer
  • Technical Set-up and Audio Editing
  • Episode Distribution
  • Episode and Show Note Creation
  • Podcast Project Management
  • Guest Management
  • Content Repurposing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Working With Clients (packages, pricing, contracts and onboarding!)
  • Technical Training
  • Templates and Checklists
  • Certification


Templates & Checklists


*Optionally included with your course purchase is 30 days of trial access to our exclusive community for $1 ($49/month thereafter). The community is for current students and graduates of Podcast Production School who are SERIOUS about landing clients and growing their businesses.

Your Podcast Production School Community Membership Includes:

  • Direct access to Mel, Hailey and Gina who are available to answer your technical and business-related questions.
  • Monthly community Office Hours.
  • Access to unique client leads to help you build your business.
  • FREE WordPress Hosting account through Flywheel (a $30/month value!).
  • Regular specialized training and challenges to up your technical & mindset game!

Bonus #1 ($500 value!)

26 Podcast Growth Hacks Training from Joe Fier of Hustle & Flowchart

  • Why growth is important. Taking podcast growth into your own hands is crucial. You can't sit around and wait for listeners to come.
  • Joe and Matt's journey of growing their audience.
  • FREE Growth Strategies — No or very low cost things you can do to promote a podcast.
  • Paid Growth Strategies — Growth strategies with a cost associated to it.

Bonus #2 ($250 value!)

Master Service Agreement Template
Cover your legal bases when onboarding a new client with our customizable service agreement template that includes:
  • Your availability
  • How clients can contact you
  • What happens in the event of illness/emergency
  • How (and when) you expect to be paid
  • Scope of work
  • Who is responsible for incurred costs
  • And more!
Bonus #3 ($100 value)
4 Customizable Pitch Templates + Tracker
Get your pitch on with our 4 customizable pitch templates and Google Sheets Pitch Tracker!
"I'm so thankful for Podcast Production School – I love podcasting and wanted to figure out a way to integrate what I love doing and make a business out of it.

PPS does just that – they provide you with in-depth training and tools so that you feel ready to start a business. Less than 30 days into the course, I was encouraged to pitch clients and I landed my first position! I was pretty nervous, but Hailey jumped on a call with me to hash things out and guide me in the right direction in regards to what services I'd offer and pricing.

I was scared to start this journey but with the amazing support from the PPS team, I've now launched my business! If you're interested in becoming a Podcast Producer, look no further than Podcast Production School. Thank you so much – I couldn't have done this without your guidance and encouragement!"
Alexis Newlin
Podcast Producer
Is becoming a Podcast Producer right for YOU?
  • Are you familiar with online or remote work?
  • Ready to learn a new, game-changing skillset?
  • Detail-oriented? You often see things others miss!
  • Good at organizing online files in multiple places?
  • Able to manage a variety of tasks across multiple platforms?
  • A good communicator? Or question asker... because that’s a thing!
Can I really make a living as a Podcast Producer?
Mel with gray background

Melanie Scroggins

Nothing beats hearing a personal story! 🤓

Here’s how I (Melanie) got started:

Before I ventured into the audio production world, I was basically free-floating through a bunch of different full-time jobs. I worked at multiple law firms, a university, a high-end grocery store, a hotel… I mean, the list goes on.

It’s no surprise that before I started on my current path as a dedicated creative that I had many moments of simply… wandering. I was always looking for “the thing” I’d wake up and be excited about doing on a daily basis.

When I started my own podcast for fun in 2017, I had no idea where I was going with it. All I knew was that I really enjoyed audio, so I learned how to create and manipulate audio into a product for myself.

About six months after I started working in audio, I was fortunate to be approached by small business owners I knew who were looking to create podcasts for their businesses.

What?! Someone would actually pay me to do this stuff? Yes, someone will pay you to do this stuff!

I found it! I landed on “the thing!” Or so I thought…

Like a lot of creatives and VAs, I got scared. I wasn’t making near enough for my husband and myself to live off of.

So what did I do? You guessed it – a desk… 9-5 misery.

There are some people who enjoy that lifestyle, but I have never been one of them.

After five months of working for the state, I’d had enough. I had my “aha” moment and it was for reals for the first time. So, I quit.

I started working harder on the podcasts I’d already been producing and started learning the ins and outs of the voiceover industry. I took a business of voiceover class and started offering my newfound skillset professionally in mid-2019. After a few months of voiceover work, I revamped my podcast production offerings!

It’s been over a year now since I left my last 9-5 desk job and I’m making more money than I did a year ago. I cannot believe I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it.

Looking back, I realize the main aspect of my work that kept me from diving in fully was the money. I didn’t charge nearly enough at the beginning for my podcasting services and had to find full-time work here and there to make, what I believed to be, a “real” living.

I simply had no idea what others were charging and what an entry-level podcast producer would charge because I had little to no “formal” education on the subject.

Freelance podcast production and management have given me the opportunity to:

  • Provide a substantial, additional income for my family
  • Have a flexible schedule for work (and play!)
  • Set monetary goals that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to for things in my work and personal life

The journey to where I am now has been long and sometimes tricky. Doing something 100% by yourself is difficult and time-consuming.

I’m a “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of gal, but I very much wish there had been a course like this to help me get started so I didn’t have to figure out how the wheel was made, so to speak.

While there is nothing wrong with doing it the way I did and learning every little bit, piece-by-piece, Podcast Production School is a remarkably thorough resource for anyone looking to learn an entirely new and in-demand service offering!

Launch your Podcast Producer biz TODAY and get access to ALL future course updates and upgrades for FREE!


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Podcast Producer is someone who offers technical, administrative or marketing support to podcast owners remotely.

It depends – factors include amount of experience, level of expertise, services offered, the level of client they’re looking to work with, etc.

Most Podcast Producers easily average $30 to $50 per hour (or more!) over time.

Our goal is to help students develop a side hustle that earns them an additional $1,000 or more per month. Some students decide to take it much further than that!

Great question – Podcast Producers can help with a ton! From audio engineering to content repurposing and marketing to guest management, there are a lot of different services to offer in this space.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to master or offer it all – you can cherry-pick what services you enjoy doing and offer only those to your clients if you want.

Of course! All it really takes to do work as a Podcast Producer is to have access to a computer, over-the-ear headphones and a reliable internet connection.

Our students can work with clients in their local community, home country or worldwide. We’ve entered into a global economy and the internet has made it possible for Producers and clients to work together regardless of their location!

You bet! There are already over 1,000,000 live podcasts to-date. Because of the many benefits businesses and brands get from podcasting, this number keeps rising!

Those folks already have shows and want someone else to manage things. But many more business and brands aren’t using audio but really want to be.

In either scenario a Podcast Producer can help – they can step in and take over or even improve a client’s show or help them to start from scratch.

Well, you have to learn how to do the Podcast Producer services you want to offer. You should also like podcasts and be growth-minded.

Operating a podcast production biz also means you’re self-employed, so finding and pitching clients should be high on your priority list.

> 6 comprehensive modules
> Self-paced material that is available 24/7
> In-depth tutorials and lots of plug-and-play templates
> Lifetime access to the program and complimentary updates over time

It depends on the individual and how much time they have to devote to learning, but most students make their way through in a month or less.

At the beginning of 2019, I (Melanie) received an email from a Hailey Thomas asking about help with podcast production. Soon after the email, we set up a call and chatted for about an hour on Hailey’s vision for her podcast. Just like that, the One Year Later podcast was born!

Hailey and I have been working together on her podcast and other projects that have come along ever since. We get along eerily well and I feel so fortunate to have run into such an amazing human that walks alongside me in what often feels like a crazy, self-employed life.

Gina and I (Hailey) had already worked together on another digital course (Project Management for Virtual Assistants), so when she mentioned another course about being a Podcast Producer – I jumped at the chance to work with her again.

Nope! You’ll learn all of the skills needed to take over or help create a client’s podcast regardless if you have a podcast of your own or not.

To start getting clients, all you’ll need is:

–> Podcast Production School course enrollment – $598
–> Community membership – $1 for first 30 days ($49/m thereafter)
–> Audacity (editing software) – $0 (it’s FREE open-source software!)
–> Over-the-ear headphones – $15+ (you can get a decent pair for cheap)
–> PayPal biz account (to get paid) – $0 (FREE!)

You’re looking at an “all-in” cost of just over $600, INCLUDING your course investment.

In Podcast Production School, we’ll walk you through all of the possible tools and platforms you can use in your business (including suggestions for those headphones!).

But to be clear, most of them are free (or have a free trial). All other purchases are 100% up to you and your client. Your clients will either have a lot of these tools already in place or look to you to set them up with their credit card (not yours!).

We don’t offer refunds as we’re firm believers that you “get out as much (or more!) as you put in.”

Investing in yourself is an important decision – if you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself, change your current circumstances and put in the work, you’ll get results!

Launch, Manage & Grow Podcasts for Small Businesses

Our Three Most Popular PDFs are almost on THEIR WAy!

Discover the most popular services you can offer along with our proprietary production and launch checklist that we use with our own clients!