Episode 006 – Continuing to Invest in Your Business – Working with Neville Medhora

Episode Summary

The three of us are not shy about how much we value investing in our individual businesses and skillsets. This is hands down one of THE BEST ways to increase your general know-how and overall ROI (return on investment).

Recently, we hired Neville Medhora of the Kopywriting Kourse. Neville is a copywriting guru and a downright fantastic dude. But let’s get something straight – we didn’t hire Neville because we lacked the ability to help ourselves with our content or copy and there is no “easy button” when it comes to creating content and outlining a content strategy (check out the “Making Better Business Decisions” episode).

That’s why we decided to seek out an expert who could help us better lean into our messaging and feel confident in creating content for the long haul. We hired Neville because he’s a gifted subject matter expert in his field and because even Serena Williams has a coach! 😉

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • Why we hired a professional copywriter.
  • Working with Neville Medhora.
  • The kinds of work we produced from our sessions.
  • Getting clear in our messaging and what we really want to say.
  • How content marketing is understanding the problems we help people solve.
  • The importance of putting yourself in the room with experts.
  • Getting professional help that is objective.
  • Outlining our content strategy.
What We’re Digging:

Hailey – Coding through PDX Code Guild

Gina – Books! Rocket FuelHarry Potter book seriesMaybe You Should Talk to Someone

Mel – Voiceover Marketing Playbook by Marc Scott


Links & Resources Mentioned: 

Podcast Production School
Neville Medhora of Kopywriting Kourse

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