Episode 009 – Why Tracking & Learning Is Essential For Business

Episode Summary

This week’s episode is all about learning about and tracking decisions in business. Starting or expanding a business is a lot of work and there comes a time where keeping track of what you’re doing is essential. In the beginning of creating a new thing, it’s easy for us to get swept up in the energy of what to do next because we’re excited about our new shiny toy. But when we start to measure what we’re doing, how it’s working, and what needs to change we can then step into refining and expanding our businesses. 

This episode we’ll share how we’ve started tracking what we’re doing and what we’ve learned from how we did things in the beginning vs now. 

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • The importance of measuring what you’re doing based on data not emotion.
  • Paving your own way vs plugging yourself into someone else’s system.
  • Working on your business vs working in it.
  • Getting on the same page with your team and utilizing shared tools.
  • The importance of structure and flexibility.
  • Evaluate what you’re doing regularly.
What We’re Digging:

Hailey – Her coaching workshops! Learn more here & on her Instagram.

Gina – The 10K Trainer App she’s working through with her fam.

Mel – Buying her first house!


Links & Resources Mentioned: 

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