Episode 010 – June 2020 Income Report – $67,306 TTD Revenue

Episode Summary

This episode is all about our June 2020 income report (and all of the other things we’re excited about here at PPS this summer)! 😁

We’re officially halfway through 2020 and we’re super excited to be at this point. There are a ton of things coming up for Podcast Production School, but at the beginning of July we hosted a three-day webinar all about the popular ways business owners make money from their podcasts. We enrolled a ton of new students and are jazzed to get to know them and support them on their journeys.

Another awesome thing that’s come out of the last month or so is the creation of Quickstart – a two-day webinar helping our PPS students get a jump-start on their podcasting business journey! It was a HUGE success and we will be offering this periodically throughout the year to all our new and existing students.

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • June was our 2nd lowest income month to date, but we’re stoked about our progress and where we’re headed! 
  • We took a bit of a break in June to focus on planning as well as supporting our community.
  • Our primary focus: the success of our students and their businesses.
  • The addition of Quickstart for Podcast Production School students.

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