Episode 016 – How Podcast Production School Has Changed Our Lives Personally + Professionally

Episode Summary

While each of us has had a different experience with podcasting, it’s what brought us all together in the first place! This episode we’re talking about how adding Podcast Production School (the brand and course) has changed our lives personally and professionally.

For Mel, podcasting has provided a way for her to flex her creative muscles in her life and business. 

For Hailey, podcasting has offered her the chance to get in front of her target audience and connect with people she wants to work with.

For Gina, podcasting allowed her the opportunity to focus on what’s worked for her other brands and has implemented them to successfully run Podcast Production School as well as share nuggets of wisdom with others through her own podcast venture. 

And of course, it’s offered all of us the opportunity to learn new skills and diversity our income. We’re excited for where we are and where we’re headed! Thanks for being along for the ride. 

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  •  Being a podcast guest as an entry point.
  • The podcasting space continued to boom despite a pandemic!
  • Experiencing and dealing with ‘imposter syndrome.’
  • Working with what you have until you have more to work with.
  • Why not you? Why not now?
What We’re Digging:

Hailey – Whole 30!

Gina – Nurse Jackie

Mel – Focusrite Podcast Studio Makeover

Links & Resources Mentioned: 

Behind the Scenes of our Personal Podcasts

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