Episode 017 – September 2020 Income – $98,387 TTD Revenue

Episode Summary

September was a wonderful and busy month! We are less than $1,000 away from our $100K goal and are gearing up for our October 2020 launch.

Our main goal continues to be the success of our students, which is why Hailey will be hosting another Quickstart for our community members in November! And with an upcoming launch, that means we’ll be busy with course updates, tweaks, and refining this comprehensive resource we’ve created. 

One of the biggest, most recent, updates at PPS is that we invested $10K in coaching with Growth University. We’re bringing on the Growth U team to get into the nitty gritty of what we offer and how we present everything for our brand. We’re very excited and eager to get going! 

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • $98,387 TTD Revenue as of 9/31/20.
  • We have almost hit our 100K goal for this year!
  • Other goals:
    • Increase recurring revenue.
    • Maximize the lifetime value of each student/customer.
  • September’s pricing & packaging community challenge.
  • Hiring Growth U for PPS brand.
  • PPS Quickstart. 

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