Episode 025 – January 2021 Income Report, TTD Revenue – $118,241

Episode Summary


This episode, we have WAYYY too much fun, but we’re also talking about our January 2021 income report. 

We did a ton of backend work setting up our LLC and all the fun things that come with setting up a new business entity, and we’re currently in another launch.  

We’re looking forward to inviting in new students and hosting another Quickstart workshop for our community.

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • TTD Revenue – $118,241
  • What happened in January
  • Business transition to LLC
  • Updated our welcome offer and launch strategy
  • We’re 90 days into Growth U
  • Other fun numbers for January
  • Upcoming launch/product updates

Links & Resources Mentioned: 

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