Need help growing and managing your podcast?

Launching, managing and growing a podcast is a lot of work, right?

From guest outreach to editing to promotion, it might seem like there is a never-ending list of things to do.

Good news! We can connect you with one of our qualified Podcast Production School graduates. Get the help you need so you can maximize growth, revenue, community building and brand awareness. 🙌

how the process works:

A note on cost: The current range for audio editing + show note creation + episode distribution is between $90 – $150 an episode or $360 – $600 a month for a weekly show. Additional services or a different mix of services or frequency of publication may be needed and will likely change the price.

Your final budget will be negotiated directly with your producer – Podcast Production School provides a matchmaking service only. Budgets vary depending on the services needed, i.e. there is no one-size-fits-all price.

Laureen and Tony G
“Working with Podcast Production School was effortless from the start. I love the genuine concern I was shown for the challenges we were facing. In the 37 years of community service I’ve experienced, it has been rare to come across such care and service. The referrals for the help we needed were right on the mark, follow-through was excellent.”
~Tony G, Living with Victory Radio