Episode 029 – March 2021 Income Report – $125,789 TTD Revenue

Episode Summary

This episode is all about our March 2021 income report. 

First and foremost… Gina had her beautiful baby girl! Congrats to the Horkey family. 🥰

March was a big month! Hailey’s been working on a job aggregator with a freelance developer and we deployed it this month and been providing our students with curated leads every week.

We’re talking about all that and more in this episode.

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • UPDATE: TTD Revenue as of 3/31/21 is $125,936
  • Building out a job aggregator for our students and new leads.
  • Posting curated leads to the community each week!
  • Working on growing via partnerships.
  • “Building out the in open” concept.

Links & Resources Mentioned: 

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