Meet our Community & Customer Service Manager: Maryam B.

Meet our Community & Customer Service Manager: Maryam B.

We have someone we’d like you to meet…

We want to introduce you to someone very special…the newest member of the Podcast Production School team!¬†ūüĎč

This is Maryam, our new community & customer experience manager. Maryam is both a PPS alumni and a working freelance podcast producer. We wanted to make a short introduction. 

1. Okay, Maryam tell us about yourself, when did you get into the audio field? 
I am passionate about storytelling and fell in love with podcasting when I started working for a local radio station. I joined Podcast Production School last October [2020] because I was serious about turning my passion into a business.

I’ve since worked with podcasters, presenters, producers and audio engineers, implementing and testing strategies to determine what works best when launching and scaling¬†podcasts. I currently have three podcast production clients and this cool role as Customer & Community Manager¬†at Podcast Production School.¬†

2. What were your goals when you joined PPS and how has PPS added to your career in the podcasting industry?
PPS helped me develop my management skills. Prior to the course, I was confident in my editing ability. However, I was unaware of the systems and processes that went into podcast management or even guest management to ensure that it runs more smoothly. 

It has also made me more confident in pitching and finding clients. I was afraid of rejection but slowly learned not to take rejection personally – it’s all a part of being in business!

3. You’re the newest member of our team! What are you most excited about in this role/serving the PPS community? 
Podcasting sometimes can be a lonely experience, thus joining the community was a no brainer. I love this community because I instantly felt that I belonged here and was supported. I genuinely love helping and connecting with people and serving the community allows me to do that with my peers. I always see myself as a student first, thus I was also excited to learn more about what happens behind the scenes!

4. What advice would you give to someone who’s contemplating starting their own podcast production business but is feeling hesitant?¬†¬†
I would say, I understand. It took me a whole week to make a decision to join as a student last fall! The turning point was my preference to learn from people who have experience and lead me away from making their mistakes. Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do. I am so glad I said yes and took this leap to enroll in this course, which has propelled me towards starting my own business and grown my opportunity in this industry, be it via clients, or my new role in customer care at PPS! 

We’re so glad to have you, Maryam! Keep an eye out for future insights and news from our team!¬†¬†

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