Episode 021 – November 2020 Income Report – $111,191 TTD Revenue

Episode Summary

After ONE FULL YEAR of being in business, we feel like we are laying down some bricks here at PPS. 💪

In this episode, we’re talking about everything that happened in November and, of course, we’re sharing our November 2020 income report. 

Just like our students, PPS has been a brick by brick labor of love – we’ve learned so much this year and cannot wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for us and our students! 

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • $111,191 TTD Revenue as of 11/29/20.
  • Building our business as our students build theirs.
  • We’re averaging a profit of about 6K per month.
  • Background work for 2021 with Growth University.
  • For 2o21, we’re taking our payment plan option off the table and why we’re going with one pay in full option.
  • Next launch – February 2021!
  • Upcoming mini-course we’re launching soon. 

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