Episode 019 – October 2020 Income Report – $106,724 TTD Revenue

Episode Summary

This month we’re digging into our October 2020 income report!

While October was a slow revenue month, even with another launch, we’re excited about hitting our $100K goal and being in business for 12 months as of the 29th of this month.

October was also the month that we hired Growth University to come alongside us and keep us on track for our business goals and strategies and get laser-focused on 2021.

There’s a lot to celebrate over here at PPS and we’re excited to finish out the 2020 calendar year and see what 2021 has in store.

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • $106,724 TTD Revenue as of 10/31/20.
  • Hitting our $100K goal in 10 months and 8 days on 10/8 (the ladies make fun of me, but it’s totally fate!).
  • Slow month, small launch. 
  • Started working with Growth U.
  • The expectation of this brand is that it’s part-time for all three of us.
  • Adding substantial new content to the course that answers gaps in students’ learning.
  • Quickstart in November.

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