Episode 024 – Setting Up MVPs Quickly & Pivoting Fast

Episode Summary

What up! Welcome to another episode of the Becoming Internet Famous Podcast. 

This week, we’re talking about MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) – what they are, how we approach them in our business, and the importance of setting them up and giving yourself the ability to pivot quickly if need be. 

It’s important to recognize that Mad Men and the huge company that Coca Cola is do not give us every day, realistic examples of how the average business is run. Most of us begin with an idea, the basic steps to validate it, and the time it takes to prove that people want our products or services. From there, you can start to evolve and grow. 

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • What’s an MVP? 
    • Creating something small enough to validate the idea, proof of concept before putting money and energy into a bigger, full version
  • How we do it
    • Us: There are people who want to receive PP education + reach their biz goals
    • Students: People will pay for PP services
  • Why don’t people have the MVP mindset? 
    • Procrastination
    • Fear/unknown
    • Not knowing better (not being in the biz world) 
    • Imposter syndrome
    • Growth vs fixed mindset (inflexible)
  • What’s great about it
    • Saving resources in the long run
    • It’s fun!!!
  • What’s hard about it
    • Problem solving can be challenging
    • If you’re betting everything on this one thing work – then it’s easy to become defeated

What We’re Digging:

Mel – Working out again

Gina – Fruity pebbles (and chocolate cake!)


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