Episode 022 – Why It’s Important to Talk About Money in Business (Especially as Women)

Episode Summary

Hey, everyone! Us three yard dogs are coming atcha with the last episode of 2020 (can you believe it?!).

This episode, we’re talking all about money, cash, dolla dolla bills, coin, currency… I think you get the point. We’re talking all about MONEY. 💰

Specifically, why it’s important to talk about money, especially as women and business owners. 

This episode we share our joy of talking about money, what that means to each of us, and how we’ve overcome some of the money hangups we’ve experienced. 

Show Notes
Months In Operation
What We’re Talking About:
  • The value of being transparent about money. 
  • Sharing income reports allows the opportunity for bigger conversations around hope and representation.
  • Re-investing back into your business. 
  • Creating money and creating value.
  • Making more money = the ability to help more people.
  • Not being ashamed of lofty money goals.
  • There is no traditional education path anymore.
  • The idea that money purchases options + choices.
  • Work with what you have until you have more to work with.
  • We each had a goal to buy a house this year and we all did. BAM!

Money Goals for 2021: 

Mel – 100K

Hailey – 300K

Gina – 1.2 MIL


MelSecret Lab chairs

Gina – Change of scenery in South Padre, TX. 


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