9 Work From Home Podcast Services You Can Get Paid For

Did you know there are 9+ work from home podcast services you can offer right from your kitchen table?

That’s right. With over one MILLION podcasts out there and counting, it’s no secret that podcast production has skyrocketed. But you may be surprised to learn that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime fast.

Recently, Joe Rogan’s podcast entered into an exclusive license deal with Spotify (for a dollar amount with lots of zeros), and the hugely popular podcast, Serial, has been acquired by the New York Times. Needless to say, podcasting has become big business, and with the expansion of the podcast industry, comes the need for greater podcast production help.

More and more businesses are seeing the value in outsourcing their podcast production, and there are many reasons as to why a business would decide to hire out production help.

Namely because…

  • They don’t have time to do it.
  • They don’t know how to do it.
  • They don’t want to do it.

Simple as that: businesses see the opportunity to put their mind where their genius is and hire out the rest.

So where do you come in?

There are over 9 different services you can offer under the podcast production umbrella.

Work From Home Podcast Services You Can Start Offering Today

1. Technical Setup

What is it?

Podcasting requires some equipment. At the most basic level, a podcast includes a mic, a computer, maybe some recording software, and a DAW (for editing). Technical Setup is a service in which you would help your client find or buy their equipment, help them set it up (this can be done remotely), and make sure it all works as it’s supposed to.

How is this useful to clients?

Many business owners don’t know the first thing about actually taking a podcast from zero to recording, so helping them with their technical setup is a super valuable service.

2. Audio Editing

What is it?

After a podcast episode is recorded, it needs to be edited to provide the audience with the best listening experience possible.

How is this useful to clients?

Like tech setup, audio editing is one of those skills that many clients don’t have in their back pockets and usually look to hire out.

3. Online Hosting & Episode Distribution

What is it?

When a podcast episode is edited, it’s time to schedule or publish it to be sent out to the masses via online hosting. Clients not only need help with simply getting their episodes out into the world, but they need help setting up online hosting – a library of sorts that houses all audio after it’s published online. We teach our students how to do this through Libsyn in Podcast Production School.

How is this useful to clients?

Most clients are not looking to be super involved in their podcasts backend, and setting up online hosting and publishing episodes for episode distribution are a couple of those detailed tasks clients like to outsource.

4. Show Note Creation

What is it?

Show notes are the blog aspect of podcast production. Show notes help the podcast audience understand what an episode is about, how it’s relevant to them, who is involved in the show, etc.

How is this useful to clients?

Because show note creation takes time and attention to detail, many clients will opt to outsource this task.

5. Podcast Project Management

What is it?

Podcast Project Management is one of the most involved roles in podcast production. Much like a project manager in an office setting, podcast PMs oversee podcast production as well as coordinate with any other podcast team members when it comes to the show.

How is this useful to clients?

There are so many moving parts to a podcast and PMs help to keep the team and podcast organized and prepared to execute on the podcast schedule so the client doesn’t have to.

6. Guest Management

What is it?

When it comes to interviewing guests on podcasts, there is an element of guest management involved. Guest management includes prospecting guests for a show, coordinating with them, booking time slots on the podcast calendar, and following up after an interview.

How is this useful to clients?

When clients have someone managing guests, they can focus on the interview itself and not all of the planning involved before and after the interview.

7. Content Repurposing

What is it?

Did you know that one podcast episode can create 15+ pieces of content? Meaning, one podcast episode can turn into:

  • Soundbites
  • Social media graphics
  • Blog posts
  • ETC!

Yea, that’s 15 + EXTRA pieces of content to be shared with the podcast audience!

How is this useful to clients?

While content repurposing is essential for business nowadays, it takes a lot of time, thought, and planning, which is why clients hire out this task.

8. Marketing & Promo

What is it?

Just like any other product, marketing and promotion is a must if someone wants to spread the work and eventually make some money. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, running ads, etc.

How is this useful to clients?

When a client takes the time to sit down and talk with an expert or share their experience about something, they want that piece of content to work for them longterm. Hiring a marketer for their podcast is the easiest and ‘biggest bang for their buck’ way of making sure their message is heard.

9. Consulting

What is it?

When you’ve had some podcast production experience under your belt, you can offer consultation services to potential clients or individuals in need of the information you have based on your experiences and how that can help their podcasts. Consultations can take place in the strategy phase, launch phase, or production phase, depending on the kind of help a client is looking for.

How is this useful to clients?

Sometimes clients are just looking for insight. They may be happy with their production team and just need an expert look into their show – how they can grow, how they can approach different marketing efforts, etc.


No matter your skill level when it comes to podcast production, you already have some of the skills needed to offer these 9+ work from home podcast services to clients starting today.

Check out the What Services Should I Offer workbook along with a couple of other starter checklists we’ve created to kickstart your journey!

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